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Real estate research tools help home buyers find public information about property. This information can help you make better decisions when you buy a house in Idaho. For example, the parcel search tool displays the current owner and tax information. Property tax information is important when calculating total expense of a home. It also includes reported improvements such as a home or out buildings. 

Another useful tool is the FEMA flood map viewer. This viewer displays up-to-date maps with flood zone data. It is important to know this information because it can effect your insurance rates. These rates contribute to the overall cost of home ownership. Using the real estate research tools on this page can save you money and prevent costly errors. 

Research Tools

Parcel Maps and GIS Lookup

GIS SearchLooking up parcel maps on the county GIS lookup system is probably one of the most common tasks performed in real estate research. Every county in Eastern Idaho keeps track of ownership, the legal description, and tax information on each property. This is done using a lot, block, and plat map to identify every property in an area. This tool allows you to look up a property by the parcel number, street address, or owner name. The search will provide you with a parcel report with the latest information the county has on the property, including what the most recent taxes were. Once you find a parcel report, you will have access to neighborhood information which will help to determine if the property is part of an HOA.

Home Owner Association Document Search

A home owners association, or HOA, is an association of people in a neighborhood bound by a legally binding document that outlines the rights, covenants, and restrictions place on property within the association. Some neighborhoods, especially older ones, do not have an HOA. But it is ALWAYS important to research any neighborhood you are considering buying in to see if an HOA exists, because membership in an HOA is mandatory and can affect your rights as a land owner. Search for East Idaho HOA documents here.

Idaho Water Rights Search

Water Rights Search MapWe'll be honest with you on this one. Finding Idaho water rights is like doing genealogy, it can be difficult and frustrating finding what you need to know. But here is what you do need to know. Water rights transfer with property, not people. So it is important to know what water rights are associated with the farm, land, or property you are considering. You will also need to clearly identify the maturity or senior position of your water rights. In Idaho, the most senior or oldest water rights are effected last in a drought. So it is important to know where you stand. You can research Idaho water rights here.

Idaho Flood Plain Map (FEMA Map)

FEMA Flood Map for IdahoThe Idaho flood plain map provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has become increasingly more important to people researching property in Idaho. The primary reason for this is because the FEMA flood map is used to determine if a home is within a flood zone. Insurance for homes inside of a flood zone can get very expensive and there is always a chance that the home could eventually flood. Looking up a home before you purchase it can save you time, money and heartache down the road. Search the Idaho Flood Plain Map.