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Island Park real estate and the recreational property market that is thriving in Fremont county requires the expertise of a knowledgeable agent. Idaho Agents Real Estate serves Island Park, Idaho with local real estate agents that specialize in luxury cabins, vacation homes, waterfront properties, and recreational land. Our agents are experts in the area. But more importantly, our Island Park Realtors are personable, honest, and completely enjoy helping people find the perfect vacation home where they can build memories that last forever. We are excited to meet you and show you around Island Park.


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Island Park Investment Real Estate

If you are an investor, and you are looking for recreational property on the water or near snowmobile and ATV trails, Island Park real estate is unmatched. Our local Island Park real estate agents live and work in the community year around. They know the neighborhoods, recreational venues, and rental market. Make the best initial investment possible by consulting with one of our agents that understand the unique requirements of investment property. Our agents know the best management companies, cleaning companies, scheduling companies, and maintenance and repair companies. Before you buy, give us a try. You'll be glad you did!


Making memories in Island Park

Recreational Real Estate

Island Park real estate offers a rainbow of unique options that range from Luxury cabins to vacation cabins, to cabins and homes accessed year-round by permanent residents. If you want to get started right away, contact one of our Island Park real estate agents and put them to work for you!

Whatever your needs, Island Park Idaho has a place for you to hang your hat. There are many reasons for buying Island Park property. This mountain community is a winter wonderland and a summer playground. In fact, many properties you see here will have large garages or storage units for all of the toys people use. So whether you enjoy water-skiing on Henrys Lake, fishing on world-class rivers, riding ATV's on the miles and miles of open trails, or snowmobiling in the winter, you won't be disappointed. The bottom line is that Island Park is a great place to invest in memories, relaxing at your property, taking a float down the river or one of many other activities that could literally be out your back door!

Highway 20 - Island Park's Main Street

Highway 20 runs through the entire Island Park area and eventually leads to the West entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Most of the cabins and homes are just minutes off of Hwy 20, so the community has great access for travel. When looking for Island Park real estate, you can divide the area up into several groups. These groups include property near Harriman State Park, the Last Chance / Box Canyon community, homes and cabins near the Island Park Reservoir, the Flat Rock, property near the Island Park golf course, the Flat Ranch Preserve, and several developments around Henrys Lake.

Island Park Real Estate Prices

The beauty of Island Park is you can stay on budget and find what you're looking for. Prices for real estate in this area at this time range anywhere from $24,000 for a half-acre lot on Old Highway 191, all the way up to $1,500,000 on Cutthroat Loop for 5,400 square feet on 2 acres. Some lots you can find for less, and some cabins you can find for more. There is real estate in this area for just about every price range and preference. Prices vary widely by location. Cabins on the lake or river will be more. Cabins in forested areas will be less. Cabins with no trees at all will even be less.

Prices are also affected by property restrictions called CC&R's that are applied to some neighborhoods. Buyer beware! Many communities in Island Park do not limit your right to rent short-term in their CC&Rs, but residents in some communities do not take kindly to breaking the unspoken rules of not renting short-term. So it is very important to have a qualified Island Park agent who knows the ins and outs of rentals. It is not unusual for someone to purchase a cabin in a neighborhood and then be treated unkindly when trying to rent for the weeks they are not using it. Do your homework and know the written and unwritten rules! Why is this important? Because the value of your cabin may go down when people find out that it cannot be used as an income property due to unspoken community "rules".

Buy Island Park Property to Build

You can buy Island Park land to build on and still find some great lots. The area is growing in popularity and is, therefore, growing in population too. So as more and more people discover this mountain retreat, inventory continues to stay low. One solution is to buy land and build. The benefits to buying a lot and building are obvious. First, you get to choose where you build. Second, you get to choose what you build. Finding a great lot and building your own cabin means you get to create the perfect place to build memories with your family and friends. Keep these things in mind. First, there is a very short building season as Island Park winters begin early and spring is late in the year. Second, there are great builders in the area, but they are usually very busy and have to be hired way in advance. Third, you will pay more for the building supplies you need as they need to be trucked in from supply houses in Idaho Falls and other distant locations. But don't let that discourage you. Many people have created their perfect mountain retreat up here and have years of great memories playing in this mountain resort! Making sure you have planned out your build is the key to success!

On your next visit to look for Island Park real estate, don't forget to have some fun. Here are some things to do while your here.

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