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Idaho real estate agents dedicated 
to contribute to a world where serving is a way of life, 
honesty is standard, and everyone belongs to a community
that genuinely cares

Your Story Matters To Us!

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Your Story Matters To Us

We love to learn about the life stories of our agents, our clients, and the other real estate professionals we work with. Our stories are wildly varied and each one is important. They are created through life experiences, relationships, failures, and achievements. Idaho Agents Real Estate grew out of a core desire to create community where others could weave their story into the stories of others in a caring and supportive way. Our community is based on abundance and not on scarcity. Serving each other is at our very core.

If you feel like you need more support and want to work with others who want to contribute to a world where serving is a way of life, honesty is standard, and everyone belongs to a community that genuinely cares, we invite you to join us.

Real Estate Technology is Important... we get that.

There is a lot of talk today about technology and the real estate tools available to agents. We want you to know that they are important and we provide them to all of our agents at no cost. But they are NOT our main focus. Our focus is on agent to agent support, brokerage support, customer relationships, and creating an environment where people feel like they belong to something bigger than real estate. All that being said, our community uses the following tools to support our goals:

  • RealGeeks CRM / Lead Generation
  • Brokermint transaction coordination, task management, document management
  • Google Workspace email, support chat, calendaring, computer based texting (integrated with RealGeeks)

In addition, there is community support for:

  • Google My Business Setup and Optimization
  • Google Reviews consulting
  • Private website SEO consulting
  • Lead generation consulting

Idaho Agents uses Navica MLS Idaho Agents Real Estate uses Real Geeks for CRM Lead Management Idaho Agents uses Brokermint for transaction management and document management Idaho Agents Real Estate provides Real Geeks and Meta consulting Idaho Agents Real Estate uses RPR for market analysis

 Idaho Agents uses Google Workspace email, chat support, video conferencing and more.


But our Goal is a community of highly supportive agents.

We know there are a lot of places to develop your real estate career in Idaho. Some brokerages are completely online, others are still using paper and pencil, and there are hundreds of brokerages in-between. Some brokerages have big commission splits and caps, others offer a simple fee system, and others have a hybrid system. What we have learned over the years is agents are most happy when they are contributing a reasonable commission split with the brokerage and have a great network of support, which includes broker support, leadership support, office support, and the most important resource... agent to agent support and training. Agents that join with Idaho Agents Real Estate come with a clear understanding that nobody rides solo in the brokerage. We each expect to be a resource and to access the knowledge and experience of other agents. In most cases, agents help other agents without compensation. And agents are respectful of each others time and resources. If you're sick or have an emergency, others willingly help pick up a showing, open a door for an inspector, or help in many other ways. 

Weekly Brokerage/Office Meetings

Idaho Agents has weekly brokerage meetings and office meetings on a regular basis. The meetings include training sessions, guest visitors from title companies, CPA's, lenders, and other industry professionals. Some meetings are more casual and we just talk about situations we've been in or are currently in, to get ideas about how to be better agents. 

We love it when agents physically come to our weekly meetings, but know that sometimes that is not possible. Almost all of our meetings are live on the Google Workspace Meeting App. Agents that can't make it to the office often join us via Meeting to listen in and contribute.  

Weekly Mastermind Group

Everyone is also invited to the weekly Mastermind group held only online. The mastermind group is lead by Carolyn Canning, a partner at Idaho Agents Real Estate. The agents that tune in to this group talk about things like goal setting, motivation, problems they want to bounce off of others, and personal development. One of the primary reasons this group was started was to help agents discover their WHY. If you don't know what that is, take a look at this video by Simon Sinek.

Simon Sinek - Start With Why


We would love to talk to you about your real estate
career and see if your WHY works with our WHY.

Our Why:

to contribute to a world where serving is a way of life, 

honesty is standard, and everyone belongs to a community

that genuinely cares

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