Dillon Klingler, Realtor

Picture of Dillon Klingler, Realtor serving clients in Fremont County, Madison County, and Jefferson County Idaho.


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440 Park St Newdale ID 83436

Dillon Klingler is a native local East Idaho real estate agent. Growing up in the local agricultural community he has been ingrained with the Idaho farm boy work ethic. When he isn’t helping others buy and sell real estate he is a local hunting guide and outfitter on his family ranch in Ashton, ID. He is also a husband and father to 3 beautiful daughters.

Dillon is all about the East Idaho lifestyle, hunting, fishing, riding the sand dunes, and snowmobiling. He loves this area with all the recreational opportunities and natural beauties it has to offer.

When it comes to real estate Dillon is hands on and ready to work. From helping the first time homebuyer navigate the process of finding and purchasing a home to fit their needs, to working with investors finding property to suit their financial ambitions and dreams. He realizes the important role that real estate plays in our lives. Having a home to raise a family in, or owning the perfect recreational property to make memories that will last a lifetime. For the investor he understands the importance of helping build a safe and secure financial portfolio through sound real estate investments. If you are looking to sell, his out of the box ideas and enthusiasm will get the job done. 

His true passion is helping others, whether it's tracking down a trophy bull elk or the home of your dreams, Dillon knows how to put you on target and get the job done. Customer service and satisfaction are his number one goal. Let him help you hunt down the property you have been searching for or sell the trophy you already have.

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