Dustin Hawkins, Realtor & Idaho Falls Sales Manager

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1515 Ashment Ave #3, Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Finding that perfect home can mean so much to both you and your family. Dustin Hawkins treats your real estate problem like it's his! You'll find him online just like you, searching, researching, and finding real estate that fits your needs or figuring out how to make the most on your home sale.

Dustin is a native of Southeast Idaho. He grew up in Rigby. After finishing school, he attended Brigham Young University Idaho where he developed his business marketing skills. He has the unique ability to see a problem through the clutter and focus in on finding the right solution. He'll do the same for you.

While at BYUI Dustin Hawkins met his wife and has been married for four years. His family has been growing ever since! He understands the importance a home has in regards to the family. 

When Dustin is not working for you, he is with his family. They enjoy all that Idaho has to offer, spending a lot of their time in the outdoors with motorsports, fishing, and camping.

The greatest benefit of putting Dustin to work for you is his relentless drive to get a problem or challenge solved profitably.

Becoming one of the area's most knowledgeable real estate agents is Dustin's goal. He has been known to understand the needs of his clients and help them achieve their goals. He has been nominated as one of Zillows Best due to his ability to take care of his clients with high satisfaction ratings.

Dustin Hawkins is a licensed real estate agent with one of the area's top-performing brokerages, Idaho Agents Real Estate. Not only will you have the expertise of Dustin Hawkins on your side but also the knowledge and experience of the team.



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