Idaho Agents Real Estate


Our Cause: to contribute to a world where serving is a way of life,
honesty is standard, and everyone belongs to a community that genuinely cares.


Our Story

Idaho Agents Real Estate is the convergence of two stories that combined into a vision of a company firmly established on the foundation of service, honesty, and an aspiration to create a community where everyone feels a sense of belonging. This cause grows out of the experiences of Travis Greene and Rick Robinson, and Bob and Carolyn Canning.

Travis Greene and Rick Robinson


Picture of Bob and Carolyn Canning, Idaho Agents Real Estate Bob and Carolyn Canning

Bob and Carolyn Canning have been working together for over twenty years. They have owned, operated, and sold several businesses over the years. They created an information technology firm in Los Angeles California where they provided business consulting services, networking, and software development services to the entertainment industry and freight industry. When that business was sold they created and ran two dot com companies in Sacramento, Superior Notary, and Disasterstuff. Both of those companies served a national clientele and employed 1000's of contracted service providers. When both of those companies were sold the Cannings moved their family to Idaho where they created EastIdahoProperty, a real estate company serving home buyers, sellers, and investors. 

Over the years, the Cannings have come to appreciate some basic business principles that drive them in their cause. The first is the law of the harvest. You truly do reap what you sow. Second, leadership is showing in your actions how dedicated you are to serving the people you work with and serve, by eating last. Third, trust and cooperation only grow in a community where people feel like they are safe and belong. 

The Cannings get up every morning and go to work because they thrive on seeing others achieve their goals and watching a company expand and grow in its influence on others.

How We Do What We Do

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What We Do

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